Thursday, June 04, 2009

Church of Sweden elects gay bishop

The Lutheran Church of Sweden will soon have it's first gay bishop. On May 25, Eva Brunne was elected Bishop of Stockholm. She will take office in November. Brunne is in a state-registered committed partnership with Gunilla Lindén, another priest of the church, and they have a three-year-old son. (Hat tip to Spirit of a Liberal for making me aware of this.)

Recently, ELCA ecumenist Rev. Paul Schreck said in a Lutheran op-ed piece (you may have to register to read the article online) that he was concerned about the church's possible adoption of a proposal to permit non-celebate gay clergy. He is afraid it will sour our relationship with Roman Catholics and other ecumenical partners and possibly result in the ELCA's expulsion from the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). Obviously, given the Church of Sweden's action, the ELCA wouldn't be alone. In fact, much of European Lutheranism is heading this direction and most of the American Protestant churches we are in fellowship with are also wrestling with these issues. I left a rather stinging response to Pastor Schrck's nonsense on the website.

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