Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Thoughts & links

Not surprisingly, my goal of posting "Thoughts & links" daily will be just that: a goal. Busy days will happen but I will try to keep at this. Today, just time for one item but it's a big one.

Multiple reports are casting doubt on nearly everthing about the "official" view of the current state of the BP oil disaster. This post on Zero Hedge gives a good summary of the concerns and doubts, especially if you follow the other links provided (including some in the comments). Two points are most significant: 1) the oil flow from the Deepwater Horizon site may be much closer to the worst case scenario of 100,000 barrels/day than previously thought and 2) there may be significant leakage from one or more places on the sea floor. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida) is one source for #2 and has generally been reliable on such matters. In addition, there are reports of leaks at other drilling sites. It gets very confusing to follow all this but this is due to having only BP and a few intrepid reporters and independent investigators as sources. If US government or military resources are tracking any of the developments, their information is not being shared. Watching the video on the left, it's obvious a lot of oil is still escaping and BP has certainly not turned the corner on this catastrophe.

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